Welcome to my corner on the internet!

About me

Hi there! My name is Tiago a.k.a Puplaroid, I'm a Portuguese vector-based furry/anthropomorphic animal illustrator, drawing cartoons! I decided to build my own website here due to the uncertain future of mainstream social medias, I wanted my own little space where I could showcase my own art portfolio and relax from stress of managing multiple social medias at once, while also not dealing with crazy algoritmns and petty internet dramas. Thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to look around!

A little bit of art history...

I started drawing traditionally back in 2008 by making fan art! And with the exposure of the internet, I discovered the world of digital art; with this, it ignited my love for digitally made artworks. By 2012, I joined Deviantart, and I started making online friends which introduced me to my art-making softwares of choice: Inkscape, Krita, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Scribus, Blender 3D and later, Darktable. I have been drawing without a art tablet for several years, I can't get used to it! I still draw with a mousepad. I started using vector art as a main art medium in 2019, and it's very convenient for things that need to be scaled infinitely. (Plus my art is already simple enough, so I don't need fancy things.)

Into the future!!!

The Y2K/New Millennium/Year 2000 aesthetic is a new project of mine though; my older art stuff was inspired by early-mid 1990s cartoons! But now that my interests are swifting with time (pun not intended), I felt like I should make art inspired by my childhood's era. (I'm a 1998 baby after all...)